What is BlockStudio, and what can I make with it?
BlockStudio is a code-free environment for creating interactive graphics systems, like games, animations and simulations.
How do I get started with BlockStudio?
Click on the BlockStudio logo at the top-left of the page to view a guided tutorial that teaches you how to use BlockStudio.
Do I need an account to use BlockStudio?
In order to save your work and access it later, an account is needed.
You can create one by clicking "Sign Up".
What information do you ask for during account registration?
We only require a username, an email address and a password.
The email address lets you log in if you forget your password. It is never displayed on the screen -- the only thing visible is your username.
We will never share, reveal, or sell your email address.
The rest of the information is optional, though we are curious to know where our users are located, so please select your country when you sign up.
What data is collected from people while they use the website?
The BlockStudio website as well as the authoring tool does not collect any information from users.
As part of our ongoing efforts to improve BlockStudio, we have focus groups try out new features before we release them to the public.
For such evaluations, we obtain consent from each participant, and we use a different version of BlockStudio, which records all mouse clicks.