have a LOT of fun. a programing game inspired by @rahul! (-: instructions in-game. LIGHT BOT 2: light bot 3 coming soon! :-D
@culob: I looked at your game design and I understand now why the "frozen" (greyed) arrows cannot be "unfrozen" -- you present frozen arrows as part of your challenge, so if you unfreeze them, you'll change the starting state.
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
@culob: Easily **your best game** yet! My only suggestion (and this is important): Put a separate button for "restart" (different from "reset") Restart: does *not* delete your arrows -- allows players to incrementally improve their solutions/programs. Reset: can just reload the screen (like what you're currently doing). Please incorporate this, and you'll have a polished game that's even more fun to play than it already is. Also, the levels are beautiful. They start off easy, and *slowly* get harder -- Nice Job!
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
@rahul? \-:
(5 minutes ago)@culob
@bigE: updated it! (-;
(5 minutes ago)@culob
@bigE: thank you! (-: I'm glad you enjoy it! (-:
(5 minutes ago)@culob
i like it!!! (-:
(5 minutes ago)@bigE
maybe @FireMario13? \-:
(5 minutes ago)@culob
I think you will like this @rahul... oh and @bigE!
(5 minutes ago)@culob