Robo and the search for the dimend.
press the arrow buttons to move. press space bar to shoot.
@AnastasiaBook @IsaiahBook how are you? Any recent projects that you'd like to share?
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
welcome @vv!
(5 minutes ago)@bigE
I like this
(5 minutes ago)@AnastasiaBook
(5 minutes ago)@vvv
Who used that pattern first: @culob or @bigE I actually don't remember...
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
@1489125 that is a nice design pattern, isn't it?
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
I like at the end you get to chose your levels again
(5 minutes ago)@1489125
this is so fun great job bigE your a talented creator
(5 minutes ago)@1489125
@culob: I should stick to making game engines, instead of trying to play games -- definitely not my strong suit :D
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
@rahul: you SHOOT them @rahul, you shoot them (I can't beleve you tried to DODGE them. that's imposable) (-:
(5 minutes ago)@culob
@bigE: The second level has become quite difficult to pass... did you change something about the angry faces? They seem to be moving much faster than before. @culob: Could you please try solving the second level? Maybe I'm just too slow :)
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
sorry I didn't mean to put THIS game in our team I meant to put Robo and the factory in.
(5 minutes ago)@bigE
@bigE: I really like how you welcomed another user. In this particular case, the user happens to be an old one, but still -- this is the sort of attitude I like to see among people who create: be friendly, welcome new users, share your knowledge, and learn from each other. Everybody wins :)
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
I thought you were a friend. Sorry :-)
(5 minutes ago)@culob
Never mind
(5 minutes ago)@culob
@Huskers1. Are you who I think you are?
(5 minutes ago)@culob
hey it's me, Caleb. recognize me?
(5 minutes ago)@culob
Hello @Huskers1! Welcome to the game!
(5 minutes ago)@bigE
The level select trap in the middle I mean.
(5 minutes ago)@Huskers1
This is very good. I really like the level select at the end. If you want to you could add multi-heart enemies. I made an example of that here :
(5 minutes ago)@Huskers1
Check the Hall of Fame :)
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
I did it @rahul I did it!!!!!!!!!!
(5 minutes ago)@bigE
Hey, the last two levels still have the same (old) bounce rule... I think it's the red and purple blocks. Please fix them soon, I want to put this in the Hall of Fame today :D
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
(5 minutes ago)@bigE
The fourth level doen't have any angry faces... you might want to fix that :)
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
i did it @rahul!!!!!
(5 minutes ago)@bigE
nice game!
(5 minutes ago)@Banananose
The green pellets are bouncing off the orange and blue blocks. If you fix those two rules, I will put this game in the Hall of Fame :)
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
i did it!
(5 minutes ago)@bigE
I have one suggestion: would you consider deleting the green pellets (instead of bouncing) when they hit the angry faces? If not, that's okay -- you are the game's designer, so it's totally up to you.
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
@bigE: Wow! That is a *FANCY* first game. I love how there is a sense of adventure and also how the "story" completes with a very nice ending screen.
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
good job!
(5 minutes ago)@culob
Hey @rahul, I made my first game!
(5 minutes ago)@bigE