ALL MY GAMES! (games in description)
list of my games: the MAX / TOTTALY NORMAL GAME (no glitches!) series (a series of stories that I've made): [ MAX: PART ONE: THE RUNAWAY TOTALLY NORMAL GAME (no glitches!) MAX: PART TWO: THE CAVE TOTALLY NORMAL GAME (no gliches) pt.2 TOTALLY NORMALL MAX (no glitches!) ] LITTLE WORLD games (one of my better games): [ LITTLE WORLD LITTLE WORLD 2 LITTLE WORLD 3! LITTLE WORLD CREATOR ] MY OTHER BETTER GAMES: [ RUN!!! (a RUNNER GAME) THE ROYAL HOUSE (A FNAF WITHOUT ANAMATRONECS) BATTLE SIM (WITH TURNS) (a turn based game) HAPPY'S ADVENCHER (a platformer) MOUSY-MOUSERS (a origanal maze-type game) GALAGA 2.0 (galaga... 2.0) ATTACK! (a dodge game) LIGHT BOT! 1 and 2 (a programing maze-puzzle game) 1: 2: Money Maker (a idle game) ] COMING SOON: [ KOMBAT FIGHTERS I (a fighter game) ARCADE (a bunch of mini-games) ] MY OTHER GAMES: WATCH THIS (an add) LAVA KNIGHT (a traditional maze-type game) HAPPY NEW YEAR! (a simple happy new year program) ROOM SIM (nothing) ANNOUSMENTS ( a compatiton) HOW TO MAKE SCROLLING WORDS (shows how to make scrolling letters) CULOB'S CASTLE (a compatition) PIXAL ART SHOWCASE (a pixel art showcase) EVOLVE! (a traditional maze-type game) PLATFORMER ENGINE (platformer) HEALTH SIM (nothing) LOADING... (bunch-o-loading screens) AM I CRAZY? (YES) SOME NEW PATHS (just a look at nothing) AND GATE (AND CHAT SECTOR) (nothing) AVATAR VARIABLES (nothing) REACT! (a reaction game) CODE V.2.0 (a code to figure out) PONG (remember that old game? no? to bad.) WELCOME BIGE! (just a welcoming) MY BROTHERS GAME (@bigE's first game before he had an account) CODE (annother code.) sub to me here! a few other games not made by me, that I like. (-: [ ROBO AND THE FACTORY (by @bigE)(a traditional maze-type game) FIND YOUR PETS! (by: @anyAmyBean)(a traditional platformer-maze-type game) flappy bird (by: @banananose)(FLAPPY BIRD!) ESCAPE (by: @47914)(a story) evil alians (by: @5328765)(a story) mirrored movement (by: @rahul)(a puzzle traditional maze-type game) cheese maze (by: @rahul)(a traditional maze-type game) evolving simulator (by: @fax5)(a dodge game) ] wow! you made it to the bottom! XD
@culob it's crazy to think of how much you've imagined, planned, created (and debugged) to produce this body of work. I also hope that you find it's been worthwhile and that you've learned by doing this.
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
@rahul: my arms are tired... this just shows you HOW MUCH free time I have today. XD
(5 minutes ago)@culob
hey @FireMario13: heres a few games for ya! XD (copy + paste the links in to new tabs)
(5 minutes ago)@culob