have no fun! (its not a game)
@Ibor3783: I used some pixel art that is only accessible by joining my team. would you like to join? (-:
(5 minutes ago)@culob
fun story How did you CHAnG THE ACTORS or sprits
(5 minutes ago)@lbor3783
@FireMario: in about 3 days to a week. it's gonna be a BIG game. have you made any games yet? and make sure to check out my other games! (-; -@culob
(5 minutes ago)@culob
Hi, good program, so when is the game coming out?
(5 minutes ago)@FireMario13
@FireMario13: yeah, I guess? XD welcome to BlockStudio! I'm @culob, and I'm the "brain" of blockstudio! and @rahul is the creator, and he is very nice and can help you around blockstudio. enjoy your time! and welcome! (-:
(5 minutes ago)@culob
umm the green guy looks like fawful mixed with a robot...
(5 minutes ago)@FireMario13
Oh yeah... a teaser trailer! I love those :)
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
@bigE: YOU JUST DID. I JUST SHOWED YOU. so, how did you like it? looking forward to: KOMBAT WARRIORS I?
(5 minutes ago)@culob
i wish i cude
(5 minutes ago)@bigE
@bigE and @rahul: can you watch this? (-:
(5 minutes ago)@culob