Robo and the factory
time to find the second dimend! avoid the danger and no shooting this time!
@WillH0224 welcome to BlockStudio (I'm the creator). If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
it was great
(5 minutes ago)@WillH0224
ya i now
(5 minutes ago)@bigE
(5 minutes ago)@culob
thank you. (-;
(5 minutes ago)@culob
(5 minutes ago)@culob
fine you can (-:/
(5 minutes ago)@bigE
@bigE: I hope you're okay with sharing ideas :) That's what this community is about -- making and sharing!
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
hey @bigE, I would like to make a robo game, I just need your permission. could I? PLEASE?
(5 minutes ago)@culob
Big congrats to @bigE This is unusually high... most of the other Hall of Fame games have around 300 plays, but this one somehow has over a thousand!
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
@bigE wow how... congrats
(5 minutes ago)@player67
hey! @player67! look at the veiws for this game! o-:
(5 minutes ago)@culob
ahhh... I rember this... when @bigE used to MAKE games
(5 minutes ago)@culob
(5 minutes ago)@bigE
I can't beat the level where the floor is giving out underneath you. Is there any special strategy for beating this level?
(5 minutes ago)@GeorgeStone
This is a truly amazing game.
(5 minutes ago)@Huskers1
thank you! and another one coming soon! see the Demo of Robo and the abandon house!
(5 minutes ago)@bigE
@culob: I can't think of a word other than AWESOME to describe this. @bigE: this is superb! (and I haven't even finished the game yet...) There are so many things I love about this: 1. The attention to detail -- you can go *back to the previous level* because of the blocks at the entrance (to the left). I saw you use this in your previous game as well. 2. The way this is a "follow on" from the previous game (like an "Episode 2"). Story continuity is one of the most engaging things a designer can add to their game. 3. The "tuning" of the difficulty -- you can cross the humans (guards) only by choosing the optimal path (or you get caught). 4. No shooting -- this is quite clever, because it requires creativity to make an engaging game where the player is *not* shooting at things. I wish I could give you a high five IRL, but since we're in cyberspace, I'll just say: "Very Well Done!" ... and I'll put it in the Hall of Fame, of course :D
(5 minutes ago)@rahul
(5 minutes ago)@culob
Holy cow. @rahul are you seeing this?
(5 minutes ago)@culob