User Contributed Tutorials
Users often invent nifty ways to do things in BlockStudio. Scroll through this story to see simple tutorials created by such users. If you're new to BlockStudio, feel free to skim this, even if it seems unclear how to create such patterns. But do come back after going through the Intro tutorial (click the "?" at the top of this page)
How To: Load screens in a story game
A very nice tutorial by @URAWESOME This covers how to program "timed transitions" for stories. Also useful for triggering animations in your game. Watch and Learn :)
How To Make Jumping And Falling
by  @SuperPork999
How do you make a character jump and then fall? How do you prevent players from double (or triple) jumping? How will you make a character fall if the ground moves away? Watch this tutorial and learn.
Boolean Logic in BlockStudio
by  @culob
Games can have puzzles, which need many things. Maybe you need to get a key before you can unlock a door. How does one check this? With logic! See how to check IF something has been done or not...
How to Make Games
by  @Banananose
This was created by user @Banananose, a couple of years ago. Back then, there weren't any interactive tutorials on the website. It's pretty well-made, but you'll need a BlockStudio account. After that, you can "Inspect" (look inside) this game to learn.
Loading Screens
by  @culob
Everybody loves little animations that show while an app loads. Check out these sweet loading screen ideas!
Health Bars in BlockStudio
by  @culob
Every gamer knows that there are two kinds of baddies: Ones that you can get with a single hit (easy to program) And the other kind, that you have to hit multiple times... This project shows how to program health bars for such games.
Timers in BlockStudio
by  @culob
Timed events can be a key component of a game. For a story, timing is everything. How do you set up things to happen at a certain interval? Play this to find out...
Scrolling Words in BlockStudio
by  @culob
Games often have scrolling content. Actually designing a long scrollable image can be tedious. It's often easier to *generate* the content when the game runs. This project by @culob shows how to generate words on-the-fly.
Character Selection
by  @culob
A common pattern in games (or software in general) is a menu. You move a highlight/box to the selection. You then press enter. How does one do this in BlockStudio?