I, Robot
The built-in artwork in BlockStudio includes a cute robot. Robo often ends up being the main character in BlockStudio games and stories. The user @bigE should get credit for starting this trend. This story collects these games into one place, for you to enjoy.
Robo and the Search for the Diamond
by  @bigE
@bigE's first game. Help Robo find the diamond (they stole it from him!) When you win, you get to select and replay any level.
Robo and the Factory
by  @bigE
@bigE made this game, and it was a massive hit. It has been played over 1000 times! Timing is important in this game... Good luck!
Robo's Life
by  @5328765
User @5328765 was inspired by @bigE's Robo adventure games. Naturally, they made their own. Having just started learning BlockStudio, their project is simpler. Press the colored blocks at the far right to get to the next level.
Robo's Day Off
by  @5328765
Everybody needs some time off... Even Robo. However, Robo must overcome a few challenges first. Press the colored blocks on the right to advance to the next level.
Robo's Life: The Sequel
by  @5328765
Another Robo adventure by @5328765. This shows how much they've learned (since their prior games). Level transitions based on collisions, and well-crafted levels. Use arrow keys on the keyboard to move.
Robo and the Abandoned House (DEMO)
by  @bigE
This is a teaser-trailer (yes, that's a thing in BlockStudio). Soon, Robo would be wandering through a scary house. @bigE released this to build up some hype :) P.S. there are secret rooms!
Robo and the Abandoned House
by  @bigE
The highly-anticipated next installment in the Robo saga. The trailer set high expectations, and the game did not disappoint! Skillful use of hidden blocks, and various rooms you can enter.
Robo Robs the Bank
by  @culob
@culob contributed a Robo adventure involving a heist. This game has lasers, precious gems and plenty of action! It really shows off what one can do with BlockStudio. P.S. Don't try this at home.