If you're trying out BlockStudio for the first time, start right here. These projects showcase the diversity and breadth of possibilities in BlockStudio. Also, they're a lot of fun to play!
Light Bot
by  @culob
LightBot is a programming game created by Danny Yaroslavski. @culob re-created LightBot using BlockStudio. This definitely ranks as one of the coolest things on this website. A visual puzzle to learn coding, made in a visual coding language.
Breakout 2
by  @Banananose
The classic retro game, recreated in BlockStudio. The opening screen features an impressive "self-playing" paddle. Use "W" and "D" to move left and right.
Escape Room
by  @SuperPork999
Do not be fooled by the deceptive simplicity of the first level. This is a challenging game, and you'll have to work hard to solve it. Good Luck!
Evolving Simulator
by  @fax5
Start as a dot, and work your way up! What you are, controls what you can eat (and who eats you!) Happy evolving :)
Flappy Bird 2
by  @Banananose
When @Banananose was making games, Flappy Bird was a hit. So he created this game. Press space to fly! One of the first BlockStudio games to incorporate a score counter. P.S. There's a cool little mini-game in there...
Flappy Bird Pro
by  @culob
@culob's tribute to the venerable Flappy Bird, with some extras. Hint: Your score accumulates, so all you need is patience. Unlock new birds, get all the upgrades! (This was created after we added support for custom artwork)
by  @culob
The talented @culob created this "Contra"-like game. Watch out for the Angry Birds bombing you from above! P.S. Lots of custom artwork here, contributed by @culob himself.
by  @culob
@culob's project shows off multiple games within a game. Use left/right arrow keys to move the selector. Press the spacebar to select. Have fun!